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What guidance is the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC) providing to banks about how to respond to customers affected by COVID-19?

The OCC encourages banks to take steps to meet the financial service needs of customers adversely affected by COVID-19-related issues. These efforts may include waiving certain fees, such as

  • automated teller machine (ATM) fees for customers and non-customers.
  • overdraft fees.
  • late payment fees on credit cards and other loans.
  • early withdrawal penalties on time deposits.
  • increasing ATM daily cash withdrawal limits.
  • easing restrictions on cashing out-of-state and non-customer checks.
  • increasing credit card limits for creditworthy borrowers.
  • offering payment accommodations, such as allowing borrowers to defer or skip some payments or extending the payment due date, which would avoid delinquencies and negative credit bureau reporting caused by COVID-19-related disruptions.
  • restructuring a borrower's debt obligations due to temporary hardships resulting from COVID-19-related issues.

Last Reviewed: April 2021

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