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I understand a second round of Economic Impact Payments (EIP) have been approved. When will I receive my payment?

According to the IRS, the second round of Economic Income Payments, or “EIP 2,” is generally $600 for singles and $1,200 for married couples filing a joint return. In addition, those with qualifying children will also receive $600 for each qualifying child. Dependents who are 17 and older are not eligible for the child payment. Eligible individuals will receive the EIP 2 payment by direct deposit, a paper check, or a new debit card.

The initial direct deposit payments began arriving on December 29, 2020. The mailing of paper checks began on Wednesday, December 30, 2020. Distribution of debit cards began the week of January 4, 2021.

If you do not receive a direct deposit by early January, you should watch your mail for either a paper check or a debit card. The Bureau of the Fiscal Service, part of the Treasury Department, will be sending some payments out by debit card. Please note that the form of payment for the second mailed EIP may be different than for the first mailed EIP. If you received a paper check last time you might receive a debit card this time, and some people who received a debit card last time may receive a paper check.

IRS and Treasury urge eligible people who do not receive a direct deposit to watch their mail carefully during this period for a check or an Economic Impact Payment card. The card is sponsored by the Treasury Department’s Bureau of the Fiscal Service and is issued by Treasury’s financial agent, MetaBank®, N.A. The EIP Card will arrive in a plain envelope and will be from the “Money Network Cardholder Services”. The EIP card has the VISA name on the front of the Card and the issuing bank, MetaBank®, N.A. on the back of the card. Information included with the card will explain that this is your Economic Impact Payment.

For more information about these cards please visit

You can check the status of both your first and second payments by using the Get My Payment tool, available in English and Spanish only on

Eligible individuals who did not receive an Economic Impact Payment this year – either the first or the second payment – will be able to claim it when they file their 2020 taxes in 2021. The IRS urges taxpayers who did not receive a payment this year to review the eligibility criteria when they file their 2020 taxes; many people, including recent college graduates, may be eligible to claim it. People will see the Economic Impact Payments (EIP) referred to as the Recovery Rebate Credit (RRC) on Form 1040 or Form 1040-SR since the EIPs are an advance payment of the RRC.

Last Reviewed: January 2021

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