How can I participate in the OCC licensing process?

The OCC welcomes comments on corporate filings. To facilitate those communications, the OCC is committed to providing the public with easy access to public information on corporate filings and decisions.

Any interested person may participate in the OCC licensing process. You may do this by commenting in writing on any corporate filing during the applicable public comment period. During this period, you may write to the OCC and request a copy of the public file for a corporate filing or an extension of the comment period.

You can also request that the OCC—

  • conduct a public hearing,
  • arrange a public meeting,
  • arrange a private meeting between the commenter and the OCC, with or without the applicant present, or
  • arrange a meeting between the commenter and the applicant at which the OCC will not be present.

In connection with its decisions on applications, the OCC will provide written responses to parties who filed written protests, describing how the contested issues were resolved. Comments and related communications should be sent to—

Comptroller of the Currency
Washington, DC 20219-0001

March 2011