What do I do if I dispute a charge on my credit card account?

In order to take advantage of the billing error protections offered by Regulation Z and the disclosed terms of the account agreement, you must notify the bank by:

  • Providing the notice in writing,
  • Enabling the Bank to identify your name and account number,
  • Stating why you believe there is a billing error,
  • Including the type, date, and amount of the error, and
  • Sending the notice in a timely manner so that the Bank receives it, at the address specified for billing inquiries (which differs from the address for payments), no later than 60 days after the Bank sent the first billing statement reflecting the error.

Once you properly notify the Bank about an error on your statement, it must acknowledge that it received this notification within 30 days, unless the problem has been resolved. The Bank must investigate and resolve the issue within two complete billing cycles (but in no event later than 90 days) after receiving the billing error notice.

August 2017