My checking account has unauthorized monthly charges/withdrawals from a merchant. The charges started eight months ago, but I just noticed them. The bank will not reverse the charges. How can I stop this?

Immediately notify the bank, and identify by date and dollar amount the transactions that you did not authorize. The bank will review your claim, and may ask you to complete an affidavit of unauthorized use.

You must report any unauthorized electronic transaction that appears on your account statement within 60 calendar days of the bank's transmission of the statement in order to avoid liability for any subsequent transfers. Therefore, it is important to review your account statement upon receipt.

If the charges have been ongoing for eight months, the bank can take into consideration when the first disputed transaction posted to the account, and when the bank sent you the periodic statement reflecting that first transaction. If the same merchant has been billing you for eight months, and you failed to notify the bank in a timely manner, you, as the account holder, may be liable for some of the transactions.